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About Us

The CAPRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) Platform is an initiative that aims to strengthen the institutional capacity for assessing, understanding and communicating disaster risk, with the ultimate goal of integrating disaster risk information into development policies and programs. Under the CAPRA platform, government, institutions, private companies and other agencies address specific development challenges and meet disaster risk information needs through specialized software applications, extensive documentation, consultancy and advisory services, hands-on practical training and other complementary services.


Hazard & Climate Change

The hazard modules include a set of software applications to determine Geologic and hydrogeological hazards and a special module of...

Exposure & Vulnerability

The exposure module includes tools for localization, classification and evaluation of infrastructure potentially exposed to hazards....

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment module includes CAPRA-GIS and software applications to determine probabilistic risk calculations based on hazard,...

Practical Applications & I.T. Resources

Includes additional software and tools for solutions in hazard, risk-financing strategies and risk management, also includes related...