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ERN-Vulnerabilidad is a software developed for the creation and edition of vulnerability curves, for different structural types under the adverse effects of different natural hazards.

ERN-Vulnerabilidad includes a vulnerability curves data base, proposed by different authors and ERN-AL, and allows their edition depending on the main characteristic of the structural types under analysis, and on formats compatible with CAPRA risk software CAPRA-GIS.

What is new v2.0.0

- new ui
- library management
- new tutorials
- new format fvu based on xml
- export and import of vulnerability curves defined by points

ERN-Vulnerability V2.0.0

Vulnerability modeling software ERN-Vulnerabilidad_v2 (Size: 1.5Mb)

ERN-Vulnerability V1.0.0

Vulnerability modeling software ERN-Vulnerabilidad (Size: 11.3Mb)