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SEISMIC HAZARD INTEGRATION is the new CAPRA module intended to integrate seismic hazard at rock level with site effects generated from deep soil deposits analysis.  This information is implemented to calculate the uniform hazard spectra at surface level and design spectra parameters. This software is the result of a continuous and collaborative work between the CAPRA team and the Universidad de Los Andes. The uniform hazard spectra at rock and the soil transfer function contain uncertainties, considered using the Latin Hypercube Sampling Method. Additionally, the analysis requires multiple parameters from the study zone, such as rock acceleration at different structural periods, geologic-geotechnical zones, distribution of the fundamental period of vibration, and probabilistic soil transfer functions of soil deposits, which result in several maps that represent the hazard at the surface level.  The software can be used to obtain the total hazard for risk analysis, as well as for establishing the design parameters in micro zonation studies.