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SOIL EFFECTS V1.0 is the new CAPRA module for probabilistic modeling of seismic waves’ amplification as they travel through soil profiles. This software is the result of continuous and collaborative work between the CAPRA team and the Universidad de Los Andes, and has been used in recent studies. Given a set of boreholes with geotechnical information, and a geological zoning, the software calculates the probabilistic behavior and distribution of the main soil geotechnical parameters in a given study zone. This information is used to generate multiple stochastic soil profiles for each geological zone, through Monte Carlo simulations, enabling a probabilistic calculation of soil transfer functions. Consecutively, a soil response analysis is made for each stochastic profile, using the Equivalent linear method established in the SHAKE software. The output is a set of soil amplification factors, considering the uncertainty in the geotechnical and geological characteristics present in every study zone.