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The vulnerability module requires the definition of vulnerability functions as defined in the CAPRA platform. The vulnerability functions shall be defined for the different assets records in the exposure DB. Those functions allow to quantify the physical damage and human loss in terms of mean damage ratio (MDR) that can suffer an asset for a specific hazard scenario.

This software allows the user to create vulnerability functions based on probabilistic assessment of buildings in terms of economic losses.

FUNVUL Components V1.0.0.0

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FUNVUL Components (Size: 19.9MB)

The following are the minimum hardware requirements:

  • PC or compatible computer with Pentium III processor (or higher) and processor speed over 1.5 GHz.
  • Operating systems: Microsoft XP or Higher.
  • Free hard drive capacity of 250 Mb or Higher.
  • 512 Mb Extended Memory (RAM).

Requires the software

Please Install the MATLAB Runtime version 9.2(2017a). It can be download from:

Installation process

The software does not required installation. You must only follow the next steps:

  1. Verify that all software requirements are meet before installation.
  2. Enter in the WindowsTM Explorer and select the path where the package folder is located, the go to the Application File Folder.
  3. Run the FUNVULComponennts.exe; this command starts the program.

Software Limitations:

  • Consider for analysis more than 30 components for the building configuration.
  • Consider for analyses more than 10 iterations for uncertainties in model, damage states and cost and time.
  • Consider for analysis more than 100 seismic intensities.

For additional capacity, please contact us at