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The earthquake near Osaka, Japan,  affected the city strongly it caused deaths, injuries , building damage, and transport chaos.
Water running through a crack of a road in Takatsuki Japan, Retrieved from The New York Times

At least 4 people are death and hundreds are hurt after the 6,1-magnitude earthquake that hit western japan this Monday, June 18, according to the Japan meteorological agency. It took place in Osaka, the second largest city of Japan, its epicenter was in the north of the city and its depth was  8 km. The deaths and injuries are primary the outcome of the fallen walls and fires provoked. It also caused significant damage to housing, hospitals and schools.  more than 1000 schools where closed due to wall cracks and damage to the buildings and it leaved many houses without water, gas or electricity. In addition, it caused important damage on transport, some pavement structures where highly wrecked which grounded flights and paralyzed traffic and commuter trains. On the image can be seen how the water flows through the damaged road.       

In the figure 2 is shown how the near territory from the epicenter was affecter by the earthquake, the roman numbers show in the table represent the strength level of the earthquake.

Earthquake strength levels through Japans map. Retrieved from: USGS Science for a changing world

In economic terms, the earthquake reaches the orange alert, this means that the problem requires a regional and national level response as the economic loss is near the 1% of the GDP of Japan.

Economic loss in the national GDP of Japan. Retrieved from: USGS Science for a changing world

Even though Japan is exposed to frequent earthquakes, their human and economic losses are minimal due to their complex and efficient early warning system. This system includes more than 1000 seismographs installed in different parts of the territory managed by Japan meteorological agency. The sensors determine when and where the movement occurs, and if the intensity is dangerous.  Furthermore, it delivers signals to vulnerable sectors like public services and railways, and it communicates images to tv, radio, internet and even text messages. Japan is an example of how the early warning system should be and how the information of earthquakes should be managed in order to save lives.


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