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Local entities from El Salvador (the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources MARN and the Ministry of National Education MINED) in conjunction with Uniandes and the World Bank developed this project in order to define the basic technical information needed in the establishment of the foundations of a seismic risk mitigation plan for school buildings in El Salvador. To achieve this objective, it was necessary to identify the dominant construction typologies in the country and to classify them by means of a global nomenclature, in order to complement the Global Library of School Infrastructure (GLoSI). This library aims to establish a complete database of information on the construction and vulnerability of representative structural typologies of school infrastructure in developing countries at risk of natural disasters. By means of this information it is possible to carry out seismic risk assessments in a fast and simplified way, considering that the vulnerability functions developed under this project can serve as a basis for countries with similar constructive characteristics to those of El Salvador. In addition, an analysis of vulnerability reduction measures was made, as well as an evaluation of the probabilistic seismic risk in the CAPRA platform, which were applied in the elaboration of the foundations of a seismic risk mitigation plan of school buildings.