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CAPRA platform works because of all the people involved. We look forward to more organizations and individuals to become part of the effort, leveraging on the knowledge, tools and resources being developed, sharing data, approaches, funds and ideas for further collaboration.

CAPRA platform works with institutions from around the globe by implementing partnerships to carry out projects and to enhance its tools and resources for the community. We are always looking for organizations that wish to collaborate with us on projects, and in the future possibly act as a knowledge center for risk assessment. 

Partner with us
1.    Support and co-fund a risk assessment project which contributes to risk reduction and the design of risk-financing strategies that connects with your mission and work.

2.    Support and co-fund a technical project that develops software and tools for solutions in hazard evaluation and risk management.

3.    Propose a custom collaboration: You can for example support training activities, communicate information or events in our periodic web based bulletins and website.