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The Institute of Urban Development (IDU) of the city of Bogotá along with Uniandes developed the update, addition and adjustment of the geometric and structural inventory of the bridge infrastructure of Bogotá D.C. The purpose of the project is the creation of a high quality information system of the city's bridge infrastructure, since this group of assets are of high value for citizens and the Local Government. In addition to their high economic value, bridges provide vital services for urban mobility and their eventual failure can generate great consequences for the city. The foregoing evidences the need to have accurate and updated information of the state of the infrastructure to guide maintenance programs, and guarantee the constant functionality of the system. As a complement to the adjustment of the inventory of bridges in the city, Uniandes carried out the seismic risk assessment of this infrastructure in order to make significant progress in the management of the system's risk. Successful management signifies planning and making accurate decisions regarding maintenance and reinforcement, and a precise support of the inputs required in the care and restoration of normal system conditions following an emergency. Finally, the foundations were laid for the development of mitigation and financial protection plans, and the status and resilience of the network was evaluated in order to identify improvements and updates required in the medium and long term.